My Story

After placing new brushes in my makeup bag's cramped mesh pocket, I felt frustrated I'd potentially damage my pristine new purchases before the first use! 

Initially exploring the internet's current options, my choices felt limited; fabric lined containers, bags and rolls (mostly black) that would be hard to wipe clean and possibly crush some of my tall, bulbous brushes. 

And my makeup sponges? Usually tossed in a makeup bag where shimmer shadow and mascara streaks run rampant - I'd often find accidental smudges rendering my sponge useless until I could wash it again.

Then there's getting ready when out...Brushes scattered about with my makeup sponge resting on a piece of toilet paper or teetering on top of the cleanest portion of my bag. More often than not, the sponge would roll onto the dirty wet counter, or fall onto the floor. Definitely not using it then!

There had to be a better way! (insert infomercial introduction). After many hours of research, rough cardboard prototypes and 3D printed samples, my multifunctional, chic, sturdy invention was born. 

As for the name? THAT is another saga unto itself! After HUNDRED's of suggested names to my trademark attorney - some clever, some ridiculous (Jarby was a contender at one point) - I decided the most important element had to be something that was personal and meaningful to me. I looked at the names of the women in my family, past and present. Some I knew well, some I didn't - but impacted my life either by the children they raised, the siblings they were, or the parents they became. 

Ultimately, I decided on using the first letters in the names of my mother, my aunts, and myself to form the name AIVISBEL. Pronounced "Ava-Bell", it satisfied my desire to incorporate meaningful elements, be trademarkable, and still sound feminine. 

I am SO excited to introduce these cases into the world and I know you'll love these pieces. They're dynamic, sturdy, and colorful! I can't wait to create and show what's more in store. ;)